AMSS Ship Watch

AMSS Ship Watch Services

Atlantic Marine Group

  • CBP and USCG Trained Unarmed/Armed Security Guards
  • Complete knowledge of Polices and Procedures of CBP/USCG protocol
  • Strict adherence to CBP/USCG regulations during Vessel Crew Monitoring
  • Representative of the Agent/Ship Owner to assure compliance

CBP/USCG Trained Unarmed Security Specialists

  • All Security Specialists are trained in accordance with CBP/USCG guidelines to become CFR 104 certified
  • Security Specialists receive updated training on a monthly basis to maintain certification and awareness of any changes by CBP/USCG
  • Frequent monitoring of Security Specialists during ship watch to confirm personnel are always performing up to required standards
  • Security services for transportation needs: Escort to airport, doctor/dentist appointments or customs house for D’2 approval

Knowledge of Policies and Procedures of CBP/USCG Protocol

AMSS has developed a Maritime industry standard security plan. We work under the direction of the Agent in submitting the Security Plan to either Vessel Central/USCG-COTP for approval. AMSS works directly with Agent/Ship owner to ensure all information is correct and security services commence at the designated time and location as per security plan.

Vessel Crew Monitoring

Security Specialists arrive one hour prior to the ships arrival and will stay until the vessel sails. Once cleared to come aboard by CBP, the Security Specialists are stationed at the foot of the gangway and on the ship’s dock. We never leave the gangway. The second security specialist is always roaming the deck for suspicious activity. Security Specialists check the water side of the vessel regularly. Security Specialists maintains a ship’s Visitor’s Log and no one is allowed on board unless they sign the log.

Vessel Monitoring

A minimum of three face-recognition musters during 24-hour watch at random times to ensure the crew does not anticipate the time of mustering. This may vary depending upon the security plan details for the vessel. All security specialist are equipped with communication devices that are approved by the terminal FSO. All personnel are trained in accordance to CFR 104 by-laws. Security Specialists have the knowledge and experience in the Maritime Industry to follow the vessel’s security plan.

The administration and coordination of security services far out shine that of other guard services this allows the agent/ship owner to rest assured the job is done right!