James MacFarlane

- Training Associate

James MacFarlane was born in Scotland in 1958. He completed his college education at St. Andrews College in 1982 where he completed a course of studies leading to ordination in the Roman Catholic Priesthood. He subsequently emigrated to the United States in 1982. He became a Naturalized US Citizen in 1986 after which he embarked on a business career. His business activities has been mainly concentrated in the maritime and metal recycling industries, however for the past six years he has poured himself into the Music Industry forming the DreamQuest Records Company (www.dreamquestrecords.com).

He worked as a Steamship Agent in the Port of Philadelphia for the past 30 years representing the interests of a wide spectrum of international ship owners. This work involves daily executive decision making along with contract fulfillment responsibilities between United States Government Agencies and US Commercial Corporations and their direct counterparts throughout the world.

In 1988 he was recruited by Camden Iron & Metal, Camden, NJ to form a vessel chartering and special operations department; the company processes in excess of one million tons per year of scrap metal. In his ten years with Camden Iron he become involved in all aspects of buying, selling and shipping scrap metal into the US domestic and the worldwide market. During his tenure at Camden Iron, he was instrumental in forming a working group of commercial and government entities who jointly recycled US Naval vessel’s at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

In 1992, as part of a special project, MacFarlane formed the Rustec Company which developed advanced recycling technology with Russian scientists following the Soviet period. Rustec teamed with US Scientists at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos National Labs. in this effort as part of a US Department Of Energy non-proliferation project for former Russian weapons scientists. US Patents were obtained for innovative equipment that efficiently separates mixed non-ferrous metals that included the use of x-ray technology. He shares US Patent 5,823,354. MacFarlane was inducted into the St. Petersburg, Russia Engineering Academy in 1996 for his direct efforts in creating innovative technology in a collaborative network. In the mid 1990’s he served on the Board of Directors of the United States Industrial Coalition based in Alexandria, Virginia. This organization supports collaboration between US Government Laboratories, Russian Scientific Institutes and US Industrial Companies in developing new technology.

In 1999 he formed Atlantic Logistics, Inc. which is a Project Management company that focuses on the Maritime and Metal Recycling industries. British Petroleum in 2000 contracted Atlantic Logistics to manage a vessel recycling project in Portland, Oregon where four 165,000 DWT crude oil tankers were prepared for final dismantling in an approved yard in China. MacFarlane was the Project Manager for this two year effort and received a personal commendation from BP on a successful project. Following the BP project, MacFarlane was instrumental in forming the Metline scrap metal recycling company in St. Petersburg, Russia. This included selecting the site, equipment, operating procedures and establishing trading partners for the company. Metline grew to 300,000 tons of scrap metal per year processed and sold, when MacFarlane divested his shares in the Company.

For the past ten years, MacFarlane has been actively involved in establishing and developing a small vessel and barge recycling facility at the Sparrows Point Shipyard in Baltimore, Maryland. The facility utilizes a 1200 foot long by 220 foot wide concrete graving dock to recycle marine equipment slated for demolition. MacFarlane helps buy vessels, directs the preparation of the scrap metal and sells finished product into the commercial market. He is part of an effort to turn the Sparrows Point Shipyard into a center of excellence for ship recycling. MacFarlane recently assisted in completing a 500 page Technical Compliance Plan (TCP) that addresses all of the relevant regulatory issues and operational parameters as part of a bid to recycle a US Navy Aircraft Carrier at Sparrows Point. This includes detailed descriptions of the requirements for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety and the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) hazardous material management as well as a commercial plan to sell scrap metal and reusable parts.

As a result of his work on the BP vessel recycling project, along with his comprehensive knowledge of worldwide ship dismantling protocols, MacFarlane has been engaged as a Consultant to the Mobil Exxon Corporation, providing recommendations for disposition of hazardous materials and recycling of materials at the end of the operational life of their oil tanker fleet. In 2008 he was elected onto the Board of Directors of the International Ship Recycling Association based in The Hague, Netherlands (http://www.isranetwork.com/index.php/ship-recycling).

MacFarlane owns the Mac Tours Company that facilitates Executive Golf Package Tours to the Championship Golf Courses in Scotland for both amateur and professional golfers from the United States and Japan.

Most recently MacFarlane has returned to developing technological solutions to effectively address complex industrial processing problems. This past year 2013 he and an associate theorized and implemented a revolutionary crushing plant for an industrial metal processor that needed an effective means to crush Tungsten Carbide into powder form. Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest industrial metals in use and is particularly difficult to crush. They customized crushers originally developed in Russia.

MacFarlane is the sole owner of Atlantic Commercial Materials, Inc. and Atlantic Marine Ship Services, LLC. They are companies engaged in the marine agency and related services business (www.atlanticmarineshipservices.com). He also spends time developing DreamQuest Records (www.dreamquestrecords.com) which includes encouraging new artists, promoting live shows, creating digital recordings and performing live both in the United States and Japan. He has released a CD of his original songs (along with a Duet composed by Kumiko in English and Japanese).

In addition to his business interests, MacFarlane has also been actively involved in personal and corporate training programs for the past ten years for intercultural communications, team building and leadership training as well as Entrepreneurial Workshops. Using his personal experience as a stage actor and songwriter, his training programs include Jungian Archetype Psychology for personal goal setting, the Tomatis Listening and Voice Training methods and the Alexander Technique from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London.

His hobbies include golf where over the course of his career he won a number of junior championships in Scotland and has maintained a handicap level of scratch. He continues to play indoor soccer for recreation; in the late 1970’s he played professional soccer in the East of Scotland league in Scotland. He can be contacted at logatl@aol.com and his telephone number is +1 610 587 0743 in the United States.

Sample of Companies Consulted For In Past Years:

Mobil Exxon
British Petroleum ((BP)
Crowley Maritime
Philadelphia Economic Development Corporation
United States Navy
Keystone Shipping Company
Seabulk Tankers, Inc.
Environmental Profiles, Inc.
Titan International, Inc.
Association of Centers for Engineering and Automation, Russia
Norwegian Cruise Line
Royal Caribbean International
The Heart of Camden Housing Foundation
Jiang Xiang Changjiang Ship Recycling, China